I’m Stu Harkness. AKA Stubacca. Wookie. Bigfoot. And a myriad of other Sasquatch related ridicule. Born with a full beard and size 47 feet. Nowadays I occasionally wear red high heels, while dressed as a 7 foot Spice Girl.

Way back when I majored in film + psychology with a minor in snakebite & black. Ran a shitty student rag for a couple of years. But got into writing and photographing stuff, plus being in a team of people batting around dumb ideas. That hasn’t changed. I’ve always loved collaborating with like minded folk. And unlike minded ones too. The varied creative work here is testament to that, plus the fact countless other people were involved. Thanks to all. 

I grew up playing football. Captained Queens Park Rangers' youth side, before losing 7-0 to Arsenal and the whole squad being swiftly booted out. Bastards. Sobbing bitterly into my soiled underpants I realized I may be better off writing about sport than actually playing it. 

So I fell into advertising and wound up studying at Watford. The course tutor Tony Cullingham is a nutcase. But loves leftfield ideas. Leicester City. And a solid work ethic. All of which he drilled into us kids like a Jamie Vardy volley. And I still try to practice today.

Trevor Beattie hired me at TBWA for my first job in the era of FCUK and Wonderbra. I cut my teeth on PlayStation, Adidas and an array of other stuff in the late 90’s. And learnt that being provocative is fun. But even better with a purpose. Awards are overrated. Doing stuff Joe Public talks about = much sexier. 

Advertising is archaeology. Dig hard enough and you can find the truth. Scratch the surface and you won't unearth much interesting material. There's always a story to be told. And the ways to now share them mind boggling.

I spent a decade at Wieden + Kennedy. 8 in London. 2 in Portlandia. Plus a brief stint as a guest in the Amsterdam office during the 2010 World Cup. Most of that time Creative Directing on Nike. And more recently Powerade and Facebook, which taught me tons of new stuff.

Summer 2015 I moved back to Europe to become an ECD at 72andSunny Amsterdam, helping oversee a veritable feast of amazing accounts and people.

I have a sympathetic wife, an unsympathetic baby, a giant toddler plus an oversized dog, Rosa, who rides shotgun in a box on the front of my Bakfiets bicycle.